How to Research for a Good Event Management Online System

While it may seem like a tedious task to look for a reliable event management online system, especially with the availability of hundreds of choices, there are a few tips that you can follow to lead yourself to an appropriate solution for your company. For example, you may specifically research on the event planning app.

Find below four steps to help you in terms of researching for a solution:

1.) Look for software reviews websites

A good place to start your research would be review websites for different providers of an event management website. You may refer to the experience of other organisers in order to ascertain that a solution actually works. There are many software review websites such as Capterra and trustradius. Go to the event management software section and look for top-rated software. Be critical about the positive and negative points regarding an event management online system in order for you to arrive at the best choice. A software which is constantly rated badly by consumers should be considered a red flag.

2.) Do a simple search in Google

You can also do a simple search in Google, especially if you are looking for a more specific product. If you’re only looking for a “registration and check-in app” for example, Google can lead you to top-performing software providers. Do not settle only for the first page of results since these providers may only be on top due to successful search engine indexing. Try to browse through the first five pages, at least, in order for you to widen your search margin.

3.) Consider new software

While considering the reliability of older software is good, never underestimate the power of newcomers in the industry when looking for an event management online system. These newcomers may have learned from industry leading companies and are actually filling in the gaps that current providers have overlooked. A specific type of software that should catch your interest is the event software.

4.) Consider competitor’s choice

In the events industry, your competition may be using a reliable event management software. There’s no harm in using the same platform — as long as you use the branding of your own company. In your competitors’ event registration websites, try to see if there is a “Powered by” section to see which software provider they are using.

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